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InsideOut Solutions offers a wide spectrum of accounting services that answers to the financial needs of any business in the global market and are committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality. This segment is engaged in providing the following services. 

We also undertake complete outsourcing of accounts department functions for organization of any size. We have a full fledged team of accounting professionals in India working in different time zones who can be engaged as per the requirement of client. Currently we are handling some international clients and few mid-sized companies by outsourcing their whole accounts department work.


We offer our expertise to provide optimal capital structure at least cost of capital to the organization. We facilitate to cater to the borrowing needs of the organization by leveraging our strong relationships with the banks and financial institutions.

Our CFOs provide part time, interim, and project-based financial expertise to small and medium-sized businesses. In general, the work they do is focused on business and financial strategy; our CFOs know how to use the tools of accounting and finance to help business owners make the best possible decisions.


Ascertaining the value of a transaction and to advise whether take the call or not for the business deal is the focus of this service from InsideOut Solutions

We offer a complete range of business valuation, mergers and acquisition service. Our experience is extensive with international exposure and familiarity with various cultures and sensibilities translating into value transactions in the complex transaction of mergers and acquisitions. Guidance to arrive the fair value of business which is reliable for third parties and which suits the purpose of the valuation from the management angle in an efficient manner will be undertaken. Our team provides assistance throughout a merger or joint venture setup. From initiating dialogue with potential partners, setting of strategic directions to documentation and business plan, our team will partner with you every step of the way

Indian Desk

We have an exclusive Indian Desk. We take care of the following services:

Private Equity & Start Up Advisory

We advise, mentor and raise capital for lot of startups in India and UAE. Further we are advising lots of Private Equity Firms on their Target identification, Due Diligence, Assurance and Tax Structuring Services. Further we also assist PE firms to raise their funds in the global market.

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